We will send a month notification prior before your domain name expires along with the price. If you do not pay the cost to renew it in that time frame, your domain name will expire, and you will risk losing all your website information. Your website will need to be restored and rebuilt. If we have to restore and rebuild your website, there will be a fee.

You have an option to maintain it yourself or we can. We charge a monthly fee base on the plan you select. We maintain your website weekly and monthly. If you choose to do it, and you don’t maintain your website properly. Here is what will mostly happen: It will cause site to break, lost of data, & hacking.  Any website that hasn’t been maintained within 2- 3 months or longer, or if you website breaks and need to be rebuilt? There will be a fee for us to fix your website. Very important that you maintain or have it maintain by us weekly or Monthly.

We only offer a two payment options. The first payment option is a full payment. You will pay the full amount prior to us working on the website. The second payment option is 50/50, you will pay half of the website cost as your down payment. Then the other half with once the final approval from both parties. If the second payment isn’t obtained we will not release the website until we received the second payment. 

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